Our Program

A unique and exhilarating experiences you will ever have!

We offer you the chance to see breathtaking views of Marrakech and Atlas Moutains from above, surfing the air riding hot air ballon and discovering an incredible place at the gates of Marrakech palmeraie, where nature and art meet and grow, through camel riding guided tour.

We value your time and your choice of our company. We will make you feel at home with our friendly, experienced team and typical local atmosphere. Our program is quality value for your money and your time spent with us.

Mery Ballooning

Picking you up

Transfer with 4*4 from pick-up point to our base.

Mery Ballooning


Watch the balloon's preparation getting inflated while enjoying a pre-Breakfast.

Mery Ballooning

Hot Air Balloon flight

1 hour balloon flight with fantastic views of Marrakech and Atlas Mountains.

Mery Ballooning

Certificate & Beldi breakfast

You'll be offered a flight certificate by the landing and enjoy a handmade fresh typical local beldi breakfast in a traditional moroccan seating.

Mery Ballooning

Palmeraie excursion riding camels/Quads

Enjoy a sunset amazing camel/Quad ride adventure through natural Marrakech palmeraie. The perfect way to discover the region!

Mery Ballooning